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Monographic Lecture of prof. A. Reimers "Human love - from Plato to John Paul II"

Serdecznie zapraszamy na wykład monograficzny prof. Adriana Reimersa (University of Notre Dame, USA):

Prof. Adrian Reimers będzie prowadził wykłady od 16 maja do 6 czerwca (w środy i czwartki) w godz. od 13.15 do 16.30.

Opis wykładu:
The course will consider philosophical and historical perspectives on human love leading up to John Paul II's philosophical anthropology. So, I can begin with lecture on Plato's Symposium, and then on the medieval ideal of courtly love (especially through the legend of Tristan and Iseult). Then I can speak about 19th Century Utilitarianism and Romanticism in relation to the "sexual revolutions" of the 20th Century (Margaret Sanger, Havelock Ellis), birth control controversies culminating in the 1960s, and then at length examine the philosophical aspects of JP II's teachings.

Wykład będzie premiowany 3 punktami ECTS.

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