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About us

The University’s library belongs to the largest church libraries in Poland. It gives basic academic and educational background to the University’s professors and students. The University’s library network involves the main library, libraries of faculties, institute libraries and book collections of particular departments. More than 7,200 readers use this library and they can also use four reading rooms with Internet access in separate posts.

The Library’s collection counts almost half a million volumes. Non-serial publications include encyclopaedias, dictionaries, bibliographies, publications on theology, philosophy, history, law, social sciences. The Library is also in the possession of about 4,600 magazine titles, including about 2,500 foreign ones. In the Library’s collection there are also more than 7,000 old prints. The Library has multimedia documents, databases, maps, music documents, etc. In recent years, the collection has been gradually increasing by about 25,000-30,000 volumes a year.

Already in 1989 the Library started to use computers to create library databases. The Library has been connected to Krakow’s municipal computer network by means of light fibres. Since 1995 it has used an integrated computer library system VTLS/Virtua within the Krakow Library Complex. Since 200 the Library has actively participated in the formation of the Polish national computer library catalogue NUKAT. The library is the founder of the Polish Federation of Church Libraries FIDES and the Polish Internet Library.

The Library’s new building has the usable space of almost 9,000m2. The modern architectural, functional and technical solutions used in the building have been broadly consulted with library construction theoreticians and practitioners. Particular attention has been paid to the easy use of the Library’s collection by its users and easy access to Library’s services. Most of the books organised in accordance with the topic classification system prepared for the Library can be freely accessed on shelves. The Library will have more than 250 places in reading rooms, 15 separated rooms for readers’ individual work, a conference room with 108 seats and three rooms for team work. Work in the Library and its use will be fully computerised, with broad possibilities of Internet connection with other libraries and scientific institutions.

The Library of The Pontifical University of John Paul II in Cracow has a rich book collection from the field of theology and related sciences, especially philosophy, history and arts. It collects current publications and periodicals, Polish and foreign. The library keeps exchange with many national and international libraries and co-operates with numerous research centres. besides the main library there are libraries within the faculties, institutes and chairs.

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