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Lokalizacja: Students’ Union

Students’ Union

tel. +48 12 422 57 85 w.39
GG: 9590945

Supervisor - ks. dr Wojciech Węgrzyniak

President of the Students’ Union - Aleksandra Zachara
tel. 696 941 990

Vice-President of the Students’ Union - Wioleta Skrętkowska
tel. 500 704 113

Vice-President of the Students’ Union - Paweł Janiak
tel. 603 395 470

Secretary - Agnieszka Gawron
tel. 726 782 149

Secretary - Katarzyna Sadowska
tel. 509 899 354

The union is guided by three priorities:
1) protection of the rights of students,
2) animation of student life,
3) accident insurance

We also organize student trips, special events related to studies, training and we try to implement students’ ideas.

The highest authority of the Student’s Union is the Academic Student Council (RUSS), which carries out its activities according to the Rules and Regulations of the Student’s Union of UPJPII in Krakow (see the annex to the resolution of the PAT Academic Student Council of 27 October 1999, approved on 8 November 1999 by the PAT Senate in Krakow).

The RUSS consists of:
President and the Board of the Student’s Union,
Members of the Faculty Councils of the Student’s Union.

The Student’s Union issues PATOS, a student magazine, (, which raises important social and cultural issues of academic life. Both students and their professors express their opinions and reflections on its pages. Editorial materials can be emailed at:

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