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Lokalizacja: Catalogues


At the Library of The Pontifical University of John Paul II in Kraków (UPJPII) we offer traditional card catalogues, arranged alphabetically (by the name of the author, title of a periodical or by series number) or by subject (following our own classification principles).

You can search the computer bibliographic database along the following criteria: formal ones – e.g. by the name of the author, title of a periodical or by series number) or content-based criteria – e.g. by subject headings or key words.

Online computer library service under Virtua environment

Additional Library Services
CD-ROM databases available for access at the reading rooms of the Library of UPJPII cover the publications in teology and history of the Church (available in the Reading Room at ul. Franciszkańska 1).

Databases available at the Main Library
Information about the publications gathered (since 1997) -accessible under VTLS environment;
In the reading rooms at ul. Podzamcze 8 and ul. Franciszkańska 1 ) it is possible to browse the content of selected religious periodicals and information about the collections of church libraries in Poland (databases of the Federation of the Church Libraries – FIDES) - accessible under MAK environment;

The Library provides users with access to the Internet through selected computer units available, as well as wireless access points.

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