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Admission Procedures

Application Process

Erasmus+ students have to be registered for the qualification of their home institution. The Erasmus Coordinator in your own university will select students to come to the UPJPII according to prearranged exchange agreements in predetermined subject areas. Once you have been nominated you must complete an Application form. A passport photo, copy of your EIHC (health insurance) must accompany your application form. The Application Form must be returned to the International Relations Office in UPJPII by the appropriate deadline. You should ensure that the Erasmus Coordinator at your own university also signs the Application Form.

Closing Date for Applications

Erasmus+ Application Forms must be returned to the UPJPII no later than:
- June 15th for Full Year/Semester 1 students
- November 15th for all Semester 2 students.

Confirmation of Acceptance

When your application has been approved (and probably some weeks after the deadline mentioned above), you will receive a confirmation of acceptance from the International Relations Officer, UPJPII. If, for some reason, you are unable to avail of your study place at UPJPII please advise the International Relations Office in writing as soon as possible.

Knowledge of Polish

Most lectures are conducted through the medium of Polish. A very small number of courses are offered through the English language only (An offer for Journalism Students). A good knowledge of Polish is therefore essential. Each incoming Erasmus+ student must be sufficiently proficient in Polish to be able to understand lectures and to be able to work with textbooks written in Polish.

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